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CD Wave was designed to aid in tracking CD audio discs. CD Wave is simply the easiest way for Windows users to track CD audio discs because it automatically splits each track on sector boundaries. It also does a very nice job as a recording application, when performing DAT > hard drive transfers.

CD Wave is used mostly by seeders (people who perform DAT > SHN conversions). For full installation, instructions, and for the most recent software updates, check out the official CD Wave website at | cd wave nav

Official CD Wave Website


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CD Wave is shareware. This means you can use it in any non-commercial way. You can try it for a period of one month (31 days). If you wish to continue to use it after that period, the author asks that you register. Instructions on how to register are in the help file.

 cdwav173.exe v1.73 with auto-installer - 672KB     
Released 12/21/02

 cdwav172.exe v1.72 with auto-installer - 608KB     
Released 4/26/02

 cdwav171.exe v1.71 with auto-installer - 607KB     
Released 2/14/02