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Exact Audio Copy (EAC) is a new digital audio extraction (DAE) tool for Windows. The main difference between EAC and other audio grabbers is that EAC uses a new technology that performs DAE almost perfectly. If there are any errors that canot be corrected, EAC will report the time position the possible flaw occurred, so you can easily correct the flaw.

For the most recent software and documentation updates, please visit the official EAC website. | EAC nav

Official EAC Website


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 eac09b4.exe - 1231KB   v0.9 beta 4   Released: 5/22/02

 eac09b3.exe - 1232KB   v0.9 beta 3   Released: 3/6/02 - 834KB   v0.9 prebeta 11   Released: 6/27/01 - 493KB   v0.85 beta 4   Released: 2/9/99 | EAC documentation

To set up EAC to automatically create SHN's of an extracted disc you will first need to have shortn32.exe installed (found here)

  • Go to EAC > Compression Options > "External Compression" Tab
  • Check "use external program for compression," then pick Shorten from the dropdown list.
  • Browse to your shortn32.exe file (Should be c:\windows\command for Windows 95/98 users; c:\winnt\system32 for Windows NT/2000 users; or c:\windows\system32 for Windows XP users).
  • Check the "delete WAV after compression" if you want.
Now, when you extract tracks, they will each be encoded to Shorten. Make sure you review the EAC error log when making SHN's with DAE to make sure they don't contain errors.

Thanks to Jeremy Clark for this information!

Additional note for Windows XP users!

You will also need to go to the location of shortn32.exe, and follow these directions:

* Right-click on the shortn32.exe

* Click properties

* Click the Compatibility tab

* Click the checkbox for "Run this program in compatibility mode for:

* In the pulldown menu, choose "Windows 2000"

* Apply your changes

For additional tips on setting up EAC, please go to the Official EAC Documentation Page, Elite DAE, or The Coaster Factory's EAC Pages, Dick's EAC page. | EAC credits

Thanks to André Wiethoff, the author of Exact Audio Copy. Please do not email the author for questions of usage, go to the EAC website and read the documentation!

This page last updated by Michael Crow on 6/6/2002

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