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1. What is NOOP or KEEPALIVE?

Most FTP clients have a built in feature known as NOOP or KEEPALIVE. When this feature is active (most clients have it as a default setting) it enables the connected computer to stay connected to the ftp server after long periods of inactivity.

2. Can I use NOOP or KEEPALIVE?

NO! THIS FEATURE MUST BE DISABLED. If NOOP or KEEPALIVE is not disabled, the ftp server's autoban scripts will detect the feature and automatically ban your IP address from their server.

3. What is the retry rate? servers have a limit on the number of active connections which may be present at one time. When you try to connect to a server that is full, you will not be allowed to connect. After receiving a response from the server that it is full, your FTP client will automatically reattempt to connect within a certain timeframe. This is the retry rate.

4. What should my retry rate be set to?

The standard amount of time between connection attempts should be set to no less than 120 seconds (2 minutes); however, this value is left to the discretion of the site operator who may require a higher value.

5. What does it mean to HAMMER a site?

Trying to connect more than once in 2 minutes is considered hammering a site and will reduce the speeds of the persons connected to the server, furthermore delaying your connection. DO NOT HAMMER!!! If your retry rate is set to a timeframe less than 2 minutes, once again, the autoban scripts will detect it, and your IP will be banned

6. Is posting an ISO (In Search Of) request on the list permitted?

No. Not to ISO requests are only permitted to be sent to under certain guidelines. Along with an ISO post you should include a B&P offer of a show which you have downloaded.

7. How long after a show must I wait before posting an ISO request?

You may not post a request until at least one month after the show has ocurred. This will give the show time to circulate through the tree and for best source to surface.

8. What should I do if i think/know I have been banned from a server?

Almost all of the siteops use some form of an "auto-ban" script. This means that you getting banned is not a personal attack, but rather it simply means that their server has been told "do not allow a person to attempt to gain access more than "_" ammount of times in an "___"seconds long period of time", that if somebody does try to access the server more times than what ever the "__" number's represent, that the server should block future attempts from that user for a selected time frame, and that your computer has attempted to connect too rapidly. normaly this will range from 24hour's to a week from the last connection from that user, others may (rarely) require more. If you try again before this ammount of time has passed, the clock starts over on your ban. It is best to wait 24hour's from the time that you realize that you are banned, and if you still get the "you are banned" error messages, wait a week, ect... these value's are left to the discretion of the site operator. simply wait until you regain access, and make sure you have configured your FTP client correctly for that server from now on.

9. Is it OK to email the siteops with questions?

Many of the siteops are very busy and have limited time to answer questions. Before emailing a siteop with a question, make sure that you have searched diligently through the FAQ pages and that you have read completely the emails from the siteop on the announce list. If youre question cannot be answered in that manner, then it is permissable to consult the siteop; however, do not expect a prompt response, and try to remember that these are the people who are doing us all a favor.

This page last updated by Michael Crow on 6/6/2002.

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