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Seeding FAQ
Becoming an Siteop FAQ v1.5 DAT Conversion FAQ v0.9 Newbie Quick-FAQ
*** FINAL NOTE *** General FAQ
1. What is
2. Why does use mailinglists and FTPs?
3. What are the different mailing list's, and their function's?
4. Where do I get the FTP sites information?
5. What is SHN?
6. Why not MP3/VQF/AAC/ETC?
7. What is MKW?
8. What is MD5/Md5sum?
9. What is a firewall or proxy?
10. What is an IP (IP address)?
11. Why does my IP keep changing? What is DHCP?
12. How do you determine your speed?
13. What is the diference between Cable and DSL?
14. Why does it take so long to download files?
15. Why can't I connect to any of the FTPs?
16. What is PASV mode?
17. I can't host a ftp server, but what can I do to help Etiquette FAQ v0.9
1. What is NOOP or KEEPALIVE?
2. Can I use NOOP or KEEPALIVE?
3. What is the retry rate?
4. What should my retry rate be set to?
5. What does it mean to HAMMER a site?
6. Is posting an ISO (In Search Of) request on the list permitted?
7. How long after a show must I wait before posting an ISO request?
8. What should I do if i think/know I have been banned from a server?
9. Is it OK to email the siteops with questions? CDR FAQ v0.9
Buying a CDR
1a.Which burner should I buy?
1b. Internal or External?
CDR Software
2a. Why does it matter what software I use?
2b. Why do most software packages cause errors on CDrs?
2c. What software package should I use to extract .wav's to my hard drive?
2d. What software package should I use to write .wav's to CDR's?
CDR Media
3a. What brand of CDR's should I buy?
3b. What makes some CDR's better than others?
3c. Should I write on my CDR's?
3d. What's the deal with CDR stick-on labels?
3e. How should I take care of my CDR's?
3f. How much music can I put on to a CDR?
3g. How long will my CDR's last?
3h. What's the difference between CDR and CDRW?
CDR Burning
4a. What precautions should I take before burning CD's?
4b. What kinds of files can I put onto CDR's?
4c. What is DAO?
4d. How do I burn discs DAO?
4e. Why is disk-to-disk burning bad?
4f. How do I extract .wav files from CD's?
4g. Why does everybody use Exact Audio Copy (EAC)?
4h. What should I do if my EAC track reports are not indicating 100% track quality?
4i. Can I use my computer while CD's are burning?
4j. Does it matter what speed CDR's are recorded at?
4k. How can I test to make sure I am burning perfect clones?
4l. Can I copy tapes onto CDR's? Macintosh User's Howto - Thanks to Mike Kelleher
How to use FTP to download shorten files
  • Using Anarchie
  • Using Fetch
    What to do if the server is on a different port number
    How to verify your Shorten files with MD5 Checksums
    How to decompress your shorten files for burning
    How to burn a good audio CD
  • using Roxio Jam
  • using Roxio Toast
  • using Discribe (need contribution! I don't have a copy of Discribe)
    How to check your DAE (Digital Audio Extraction) and why this must be perfect
    How to extract digital audio from CDs correctly (Not as easy as it sounds)
    How to compress extracted digital audio to Shorten files and create MD5 checksums

  • Server Setup Guide

    Seeding FAQ

    1.  Is this the best possible source?
    2.  Do you have an info file (even if the setlist is unknown)?
    3.  Do you have full source info in the info file?
    4.  Did you name the tracks according to the naming convention?
    5.  Can you upload this in a reasonable amount of time?
    6.  Have you TESTED your DAE?
    7.  Have you listened to the show for errors?
    8.  Did you make track breaks at sector boundaries?
    9.  Did you generate a .md5 file?
    10.  Has the show been seeded already?  If it has, is this an upgraded source?
    11.  If there are flaws in the show, are there flawless sources avaialable?
    12.  Is it the best possible source?

    Becoming an Siteop FAQ v1.5
    1.  Is my setup good enough to be an etree siteop?
    2.  What does being an etree site operator get me?
    3.  What is expected of me as a siteop?
    4.  What can I post to the mailing list?
    5.  What can I not post to the mailing list?
    6.  How do I post to the site operators mailing list?
    7. How many logins should I allow?
    8.  I have less bandwidth to offer, can I serve to modems?
    9.  Can I host shows by non-taper-friendly bands?
    10.  Can I host mp3s?
    11.  How do I find shows to host?
    12.  What do I do when I seed a new show that is not up already?
    13. Should the fast etree sites get copies before the shows are announced?
    14.  Anything else?
    15.  Okay, I've read it all... how do I become an affiliated site operator? DAT Conversion FAQ v0.9
    1. What do I need to transfer DAT to CD?
    2. What soundcards allow for bit for bit digital transfers?
    3. Why can't I just use my regular soundcard?
    4. What software should I use to record and edit?
    5. What software should I use to create tracks in my wav files?
    6. What are sector boundries? and why should I care about them?
    7. How do I determine which tracks will fit on a 74 minute disk?
    8. Should I fade in and out of each disk?
    9. What is sampling rate (44.1KHz, 48KHz, etc)?
    10. How do I put a 48kHz DAT onto CDR?
    11. What do I do if the volume is low on the DAT and I want to raise the levels before I put the show onto CDR?
    12. How much hard drive space do I need to transfer a show?
    13. How do I remove tape hiss from my recordings?
    14. What kind of digital connections are there?
    15. Can I extract audio from the DAT backup drive on my computer?
    16. If I have a DAT tape, but no way to get it onto CD, are there people who are willing to do the conversion for me?

    This page last updated by Michael Crow on 6/6/2002.

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