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Quite simply put, the following items are critical to taking advantage of While we can't require that you have these things to subscribe to the mailing lists, you should know that without the following, subscribing is fairly useless:

1) A CD burner: This organization deals with a file format (.shn) used for CD-R burning. If you have no CD-R burner, you would be much happier downloading .mp3 or .vqf files. A good mailing list pertaining to these file formats is the Sugarmegs list. Some people do record the audio files onto other mediums, and there are now shn players for both linux and windows, but the structure of is for CD-R.

2) A fast Internet connection: While this is not required, it makes an enormous difference. You can download a 3-CD show (approx 1.2GB) in a few hours with a cable or DSL modem. That same show can require almost 48 hours of consistent downloading with an analog (56k) modem.

3) An FTP client: To access sites hosting the music, you will need software that will allow you to connect and download using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). There are a number of good FTP clients available, and more information on finding one is available at /software.html.

4) Hard drive space: If you cannot store large files on your hard drive, you cannot work with the .shn format. For reference, one disc of .shns requires, at most, 450mb. Once extracted, the resulting wave files will require 740mb, so an absolute minimum of 1.2 gigs is recommended.

5) Love of music: More importantly, the love of sharing the music. The community will prosper only if you share the music you are downloading.


We have four public/semi-public mailing lists; etree@etree , etrade@etree , help@etree , and announce@etree.

etree@etree ------ This is our list for the general discussion of all things related to the topic of lossless (.shn) trading and etree.

etrade@etree ----- This list is used for setting up trades (mail or FTP), offering B&P's , or giving away temporary login's for private FTP servers.

help@etree ----- This is our list that anyone can post to w/ questions about "How do I ..." , and "What's wrong?" questions. It is our "help desk". You do not need to be subscribed to this list to send a question here.

announce@etree ---- FTP site operators (siteops) use the announce@etree list to announce their site's contents. To find out what shows are being hosted and where, simply subscribe to this list and wait for site updates to be posted. Some siteops post their login info, others require a request email. Please read each announce posting carefully, and respect the siteops' instructions.


So you've subscribed to the announce list but still can't quite figure out how works. Well, I'll admit that it seems a bit convoluted, but this really is an easy system.

The announce list is "read-only," you cannot post to it. Only those who operate FTP sites hosting .shn files will post to this list. You need to download these files to burn shows. The site operators will post periodically to the announce list, and in that email will state their site's address and contents. Some siteops will include login names and passwords in this email, but some will not. If the site operator does not include an "l/p" (login/password), then they are expecting you to email them a "login request". To do this, reply to their email and put "Login Request" in the subject line of your message. In the message body introduce yourself and give your "IP Number" (see /howto.html). Also inform the site operator what kind of Internet connection you have (56kmodem, Cable, ADSL, etc.) When convenient, the site operator will reply with a l/p to connect to their site.

Once you have connected to a site, download the show you want. Be aware that it is considered impolite to download more than one show at a time from a site. If you do this, you are monopolizing resources shared by thousands of people.

Instructions for extracting shorten (.shn) files and information on the shortn32.exe program are available at /howto.html.


1) Please set your FTP client's retry feature at a considerate setting (at least 120 seconds in between requests) Each siteop has the right to change this interval for his/her site, please pay attention to their posts and follow their rules.

2) If the site operator's post to the announce list ( says: "no l/p requests at this time," please DO NOT email the site operator.

3) It is a privilege, not a right, to download these files, so please be polite with the site operators. Keep in mind that they do this work for pleasure and not for money (most of them have "real" jobs).

4) Do not share your l/ps with others, dispensing logins is the exclusive right of the siteops.

5) Please disable the "Keep Alive" or "No-Op" feature in your FTP client. This feature should never be used. In fact, most siteops will ban you from their site for failing to disable it. If you do not disable this feature, you will remain connected to the site after your download completes, tying up a slot that could be used by other people.

If you have a show (from a digital source) that you feel would be a good one to upload, or if you have many shows and wish to show your tape/disc list to the site operators, please read the Seed FAQ.

A B+P is a blanks and postage offer. For more information on this, please check out the incredible CD-R B+P Instructions Page. We also maintain a quick postage rate table for CD mailers.
If you are just trying to get a show to start your collection or you are on a modem, there are many people that offer up B+Ps publicly on

*** FINAL NOTE ***

Many people have donated valuable time to make these shows available. All that we ask is that you:

a) DO NOT SELL YOUR DISCS. This music is the exclusive property of the bands that allow us to trade their shows. Many of the bands traded on have established policies that govern the trading of their music. All require that shows not be sold. Violating these policies can endanger the future of trading and

b) TRY TO MAKE COPIES FOR OTHERS (we don't care if it's your friends at home, or making b&p offers online, just please try to spread the tunes)

Thanks and Enjoy Server Team

This page last updated by Michael Crow on 6/6/2002.

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