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Feurio! is a software program designed for creating audio CD-R's on PC's using Windows 95/98/Me and Windows NT/2000. You may use Feurio! for as long as you like without registering, without the software becoming crippled or any features becoming disabled. The only difference between the unregistered and registered versions of Feurio! are a few nag windows that will pop-up reminding you to register.

This page contains many graphics and may take a few seconds to load completely, depending on your Internet connection speed. Please be patient!

For more information about Feurio!, we suggest you visit the Official Feurio! website. | feurio! nav

Usage - Basic
Usage - Advanced

Back to Software | feurio! download

To download the most recent version of Feurio!, go to the Official Feurio! English Download Page | feurio! installation

  • Before installation, be sure to turn off or disable any virus protection software you may be using.
  • Click the Feurio! Download link above
  • When the "File Download" window appears, choose "Run this program from it's current location."
  • Note to Netscape users: If you are only given the option to save the setup program, save it to your desktop, then launch it by double-clicking.
  • The Feurio! installation program will now be downloaded to your PC.
  • You will receive a Security Warning window after the Feurio! installation program downloads. This is normal, and is nothing to be concerned about. Click the "Yes" button to continue the installation.
  • Continue through the Feurio! installation process. When you are finished, you will see the screen below.
  • Now, fill out as much information about yourself as you feel comfortable. When you're finished, click the "Demo" button. Feurio! will now begin. Remember, you may use Feurio! as long as you like, without the software becoming crippled or any features becoming disabled (or having it insert annoying "nag" messages in the audio, like some other burning software. The only difference between the unregistered and registered versions of Feurio! are a few nag windows that pop-up reminding you to register.
  • If you'd like to register Feurio!, visit Feurio!'s registration page.

  • | feurio! config

  • Launch Feurio! from "Start > Programs > Feurio! > Feurio! CD-Manager"
  • The first time you start Feurio!, you will see a few configuration warning windows. Most Windows 98, Me, and 2000 users need not worry. Follow the "Don't remind me again" prompts to disable those annoying warning messages and then click "OK".
  • You will now see the main Feurio! window. See the usage instructions below.

  • | feurio! usage - basic

  • Open the Feurio! program.
  • You will see three main windows. On the left-hand side is the larger frame. This is called the  Copy Source  frame, and has three tabs at the top of it, labeled "CD-ROM", "Database"" and "Harddisc". You want to click on the "Harddisk" tab, since this is where the WAV files you want to burn to CD-R are located.
  • Browse to the location (drive and folder) of the WAV files you want to burn to CD-R. You want to make sure the WAV files are showing, similar to the example below.
  • Note: To expand (show the contents of) a drive or folder, click on the plus sign to the left of the drive or folder. It will then show it's contents, and the plus will turn into a minus.

  • Once you can see the WAV files you want to burn to CD-R, hold down the CONTROL button on your keyboard, and select the files you wish to burn. Release the CONTROL button when you're finished. The WAV files should be selected, similar to the example below.
  • Now, drag these files to the lower right-hand frame (this frame should be labeled "Project: Various - New Project"). It should look similar to the example below.
  • Make sure the tracks are in the correct order in the lower left-hand frame ("Project: Various - New Project" frame).
  • Click on the "Settings" button in the upper right-hand frame (it's next to the "Burn" button). A dialog box will appear.
  • Make sure the "Do not insert pauses between tracks - round track markers" is selected (first line), otherwise Feurio! may insert a two second gap in between each track.
  • Click "OK"
  • Now, click on the "Burn" button in the upper right-hand frame.
  • The burner dialog box will now pop up (you are using an unregistered version of Feurio!, you will see the nag screen first).
  • Click on the "Write" button, then click the "Burn CD" button. See the example below.

    Please remember, these are very, very basic instructions to a process that is actually quite involved. We encourage you read the documentation at the Official Feurio! Website to better understand how Feurio! works.

  • | feurio! usage - advanced

    For advanced usage information for Feurio!, we strongly suggest you take a look at the Official Feurio! Webpage. | feurio! credits

    Thanks to Fangmeier Systemprogrammierung, the creator of Feurio! This page written and maintained by Mike Wren. Please email with comments or suggestions.

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