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Welcome to, a real-time chat server operated by where many longtime siteops and users discuss all things etree.

If you have an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client, such as mIRC for Windows® or BitchX for Linux, you can easily connect directly to Popular channels on the include #etree, #sugarmegs and #setlists.

Statistics for several public channels are available at The stats are updated twice daily, at 4:20 AM and PM.

New 6.9.01: The new rules of conduct for are in place.

You can acces the chat server from this webpage:

Type Username: | web ircusage

Type your username above, then click the "Join" button.

If this is your first time using this chat window, a security warning will pop up requesting your permission to download the chat plugin for your web browser. It will download very quickly and poses no security risk; Click "Accept" or "Grant" to continue.

After you OK the security window, you should automatically join the #etree channel. From here, you can chat with other members of the community, and even set up online trades!

To establish a private channel with another user (to exchange login and password information, for example), just double-click on the user's name.

Remember, just like the other forums, we only allow trading of bands that allow taping. If you have any questions or comments about this chat interface, or, please email either or | rules of conduct

Due to the unfortunate abuse of the network by very small minority, the Server Team has been forced to implement a few basic rules of conduct for everyone on If you have any questions comments about these rules, please email

  1. Please be a good host. New people come into the public IRC channels all the time. Not all newbies are a pain. Please give them the benefit of the doubt and be friendly and welcoming.
  2. Please do not be outrageously offensive. There is no specific guideline for this. If a someone's nickname or something they say is patently offensive, they will be told by a channel operator. Please use common sense.
  3. Please don't give people grief for asking valid questions. Even if they are questions about MP3's, deal with questions with We all had to learn sometime.
  4. No spamming, bots, or fservs... Posting more than 5 lines of text within 10 seconds is not necessary and is quite annoying.
  5. Similar to other rule #5's, take it easy, and enjoy IRC. Try to remember that 99.9% of the things people say on IRC tends to be a load. Don't take it hard. Use your /ignore command if someone is bothering you... you'll be amazed at how well it works.
In the event that you break the rules, you will be asked to modify your behavior or possibly kicked from a channel. Consider this your only warning. In the event that you are banned from a particular channel or from the IRC server entirely, you can email explaining why you were banned and what you will do in order to rejoin the channel.

Please remember that is a public place, and as such, the Server Team will do what we can to make it enjoyable for all. Thanks!

Basic etiquette for

1) Hello and Goodbye

It is not necessary to greet each and every person that joins a channel you're on. On a busy channel, this would quickly become annoying, as every user's screen would become filled up with "hello" messages, and nothing else. If you have a question, ask it. If you just want to chat, watch the conversation for a few minutes, then chime in when you have something to add.
2) Channel Discussion
As a general rule, there is no general rule about what sort of discussion may be taking place on a channel at any given time. Usually, the topic of discussion will be related in some way to the channel's name. However, this is not always the case! Below is what you might expect from the "major" channels on
#etree: The basis for most conversation is about taper-friendly bands, .SHN, FTP, #5, etc., but the conversation can drift off to just about any topic imaginable. Please do not ask basic questions about SHN and FTP, as you will just be referred to the FAQ. Login/password ISO's are frowned upon, and fserv's and auto-announcements are banned. Please try and keep all trade grovels to the #etrade channel.

#sugarmegs: Again, the main topic of this channel is MP3/Sugarmegs-related stuff, but that is not always necessarily the case.

#setlists: No discussion here, just hpbot, a setlist "bot." Simply type in a band/date, and it will spit out the setlist. Syntax should look like: "gd 5/17/77" or "sci 10/28/99" (without the quotes, of course).
For all channels, the best strategy is to watch the discussion for a bit to get an idea of what the channel is really all about. Unless you know otherwise (such as from the channel topic), you should always feel free to contribute to the conversation, though you should take care not to try to force the discussion in a direction that it isn't flowing toward.
If you remember nothing else from this quick howto, remember this: People on form their opinions about you based solely on your actions, writings, and comments. Please think before you type.

Thanks to DlittleD for writing the etiquette section.

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