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Shorten was choosen as the standard because it was (and still is) the only lossless audio compression that was open source. Members of the community are constantly developing and improving the SHN standard. This means increasing support for non-Windows operating systems, including Unix and MacOS!

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A lot of Mac users have asked us about reading non-Macintosh SHN CD-R's. Windows users typically burn SHN CD-R's in a format called ISO 9660+Joliet. The "+Joliet" is their file-naming system, which our Mac system can't read properly without a little help. Fortunately, a nice man named Thomas Tempelmann has ported the Joliet naming system into a Macintosh extension. Check our downloads section for information on this fantastic app! | macOS downloads | macOS config

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Thanks to Doug Hornig for his Shorten for Macintosh software, Glen for the email updates on what's new in the world of MacOS and SHN. Thanks to Mike Kelleher for the original MacOS FAQ.

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