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The mailing lists are the ONLY way to gain access to the community of FTP servers. Please do not share the login information that may be given out on the mailing lists with others. This includes posting mailing list archives publicly. All information on the mailing lists is considered private, not public.

All emails sent to any mailing list in HTML format will not be delivered. It will be immediately deleted. If your messages are not making it to the list(s), this is probably the reason why. Please check your email settings before emailing the Server Team for help. HTML-formatted email tends to clutter the mailing list digests with HTML formatting tags. Make sure your email client isn't sending HTML-formatted email BEFORE joining any of the mailing lists.

Also, attachments are not allowed on any mailing list. Email attachments greatly contribute to spreading computer viruses, especially on mailing lists. Nothing may be offered for sale on the mailing lists. Please do not use these lists to sell anything, including music, concert tickets, recording gear or computer equipment.

Information you will find via this webpage:

  • Announce List - Receive's FTP server content updates and access information.
  • Discussion List - Discussion of things relating to
  • Etrade List - Forum for finding people to Etrade with

  • | mailing lists, announce

    The mailing list is the list that everyone in the community should be subscribed to. Usually once each week, FTP Site Operators (Siteops) will send a message to this list listing the shows they currently have on their FTP Servers. They will also tell you the procedure for getting a login to their site. Please read the emails carefully, and respect the siteops rules.

    Please understand that the demand for shows far outweighs the supply. This means it may take many hours or days before you are able to login to the servers on the announce list. Because of this, we highly suggest those interested in working an electronic trade join the etrade mailing list. Those willing to offer something back to the community will in-turn be able to download the music much faster.

    The is considered a low-volume mailing list. Expect to receive between 1 to 15 emails each day from this mailing list.

    NOTE:The only people allowed to send messages to the mailing list are FTP Site Operators.

    Announce List Manager (Click Here to Subscribe or Manage Your Account) | mailing lists, discussion

    The discussion list is for the discussion of all things, including the Shorten audio format, FTP (usage, servers/clients, configuration), and CD-R burning. If you have music that you want to share or trade, please offer it to the etrade mailing list.

    Messages that may be considered off-topic for the discussion list include:

  • Anything not related to music or computers
  • Discussion of lossy audio formats (MP3, Real Audio, etc.)
  • Discussion of warez and other illegal things
  • HTML formatted email
  • Replying to messages without trimming the quoted text from previous email messages

    Messages that will not be tolerated and will result in the author being warned and/or removed from the discussion list include:

  • Discussion of non taper-friendly artists
  • Any grovel/ISOs for shows (grovels/ISOs should go to
  • Unsolicited commercial or sexually-related email (spam)
  • Requests for or information about logins/passwords
  • Email containing file attachments
  • Petty bickering or starting / contributing to a flame war
  • Redundant posting ("me too" messages)
  • Sending email to the list with swear words in the subject
  • Offering anything for sale (including, but not limited to music, concert tickets, recording gear and computer equipment)
  • Discussion of video recording or trading; Etree is a lossless audio trading community.

    With the discussion mailing list, we attempt to moderate for unintelligent posts, rather than off-topic posts. What that may mean is that it might be OK to send a somewhat off-topic email to the discussion list, as long as that email is written in an intelligent way, or has SOMETHING to do with music. Conversely, just because a message is on-topic does not give the author permission to act like an idiot. We are watching carefully for flagrant examples of idiocy, and may publicly make an example of author.

    Etree Discussion List Manager (Click Here to Subscribe or Manage Your Account)

  • | mailing lists, etrade

    Let's face it -- you have to have supreme patience to get in to a server that is listed on the announce mailing list ( It is possible, but what can you do to get a download going right now? Subscribe to! The etrade mailing list is the place to go to and set up one-on-one trades with other members. People who want to share tunes, but don't have enough bandwidth to post their offerings to the announce mailing list can get together on this list and share the music.

    Although you don't have to have a server set up to participate in etrade, it will help you out a lot.

    Etrade is the place to go to offer logins to your server, set up trades (electronic and snail mail, too), start vines, B&P offers and ISOs (with some sort of WOB tax, logins, B&Ps, or other forms of kindness).

    Etrade is not the place for general discussion. This list should serve as only a quick and dirty way to communicate what you have to offer, and to arrange an exchange of music. In that sense, think of etrade as being similar to announce. where the focus is simply about exchanging music. With etrade, everyone is allowed to participate! If you have a question about how to do something, you should check the FAQs on the website first. If you can't find a good answer there, please send your question to . If you want to talk about sources, issues affecting the trading community, etc., you should do that on the main discussion list,

    Please note that as with all etree mailing lists, all bands offered for exchange on etrade must be trader/taper-friendly. Also, is only about lossless audio - thus discussing video trades or MP3's is not appropriate.

    One last word on groveling for shows. Please do so only if urgent, and never grovel for a recent show. If you want a show so badly and it is not online anywhere, please help out the community by finding the DAT source and contributing the show, rather than begging for it on the etrade list. If you feel as though you cannot hold off the urge to make a grovel, at least put "ISO:

    Finally, cross-posting (sending your message to both the and is not permitted. Since the focus of both lists are quite different, there should be no reason for a cross-post. People who subscribe to both lists don't like to read your comments twice.

    Etrade List Manager (Click Here to Subscribe or Manage Your Account)

    If you need help, please ask at

    This page last updated by Michael Crow on 6/6/2002.

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