Installing and Using the Manual Pages

Huge thanks to Josh for these instructions!

Shorten and shntool install manual pages into the directory usr/local/man. This however, is not the default path Terminal looks for when using the manual pages. The trick is to create a text file in your home directory (i.e., the default folder Terminal accesses when you first start it up). This can be done using the ls command, which will list the files in its default directory. Create a text file and in the body type:

setenv MANPATH ${MANPATH}:/usr/local/man

and save it to your home directory as ".tcshrc", remembering to include the period.

To use the manual, type man shorten in Terminal. To move around:

return moves you down one line

space bar moves you down one page

b moves you back one page

These are keys, by the way, not commands. :)