Recent updates to the shntool and shorten v3.4 on OS X pages

Last updated: September 23, 2002

09/23/02: My apologies on having these pages down so long. I changed ISPs and got a new job so my time has been very limited and I told myself I've really got to get these pages back online. :) I've updated the index page with my updated email, updated some URLs, etc.

Other Unix stuff that folks are trying to use!


So far I haven't heard of anyone getting cdparanoia to work on OS X. It appears that it needs Paranoia IV libraries which aren't yet available for download, but will be included in the next release (10). It also looks like they're interested in volunteers for other operating systems besides Unix or Linux, so hopefully, eventually, we'll be able to run this utility. I gave it a whirl and after the ./configure config.guess command, it gave me this back when I ran the make command:

cd interface && make all
make libcdda_interface.a CFLAGS="-O20 -fsigned-char "
cc -O20 -fsigned-char  -c scan_devices.c
low_interface.h:23: header file 'sys/sem.h' not found
low_interface.h:28: header file 'linux/major.h' not found
low_interface.h:29: header file 'linux/version.h' not found
low_interface.h:45: header file 'scsi/sg.h' not found
low_interface.h:46: header file 'scsi/scsi.h' not found
low_interface.h:48: header file 'linux/cdrom.h' not found
low_interface.h:49: header file 'linux/major.h' not found
utils.h:1: header file 'endian.h' not found
utils.h:115: illegal expression, found `}'
utils.h:130: illegal expression, found `}'
utils.h:172: illegal expression, found `}'
utils.h:208: illegal expression, found `}'
make[2]: *** [scan_devices.o] Error 1
make[1]: *** [lib] Error 2
make: *** [all] Error 2

So it appears that it needs some kind of library to install. Also, don't go to - it is the WRONG site!!! ;-)