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   Becoming an Siteop FAQ v1.5

1.  Is my setup good enough to be an etree siteop?

A typical 3 disc show, takes up approximately 1.2 GB in shn files.  It is preferred that you can host multiple shows, but not necessary.  Upload speed is very important as well.  Please have a minimum of 500 kbit upstream. Most cable modems and xDSL have upload caps placed on the connection, usually around 128kbit.  Please test your FTP setup to verify the speed you can host files with, before applying.  A good test webpage is located at   Uptime of the site should be 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Exceptions to this rule can be made for seed servers and T1+ sites that have after hours access.  Please include this in the application, under special rules.  If you cannot meet these requirements, you cannot be on the siteops list.  But you are HIGHLY encouraged to spread tunes on the discussion list with your server.  Every little bit helps.

2.  What does being an etree site operator get me?

The ability to use the announce list to post the contents of your site. It also gets you on the list, the community of siteops with which to share ideas and shows.  You must be on to post to, and email from the same address that is subbed to siteops.  Typical postings on siteops are about mirroring new shows, quality control of high demand shows, FTP configuration and finding track fixes.  Most siteops trade special access logins with each other, thus you could get shows before the masses.  Established siteops will be able to get a DNS name.  After serving files and posting to announce for a few weeks, feel free to email with a request.  There is also a locked irc channel for siteops, to chat real time about different things.  It is located on the irc server:

3.  What is expected of me as a siteop?

To post to the announce list once every couple of weeks, at the very minimum.  To help uphold the audio standards, by only hosting quality seeds.  It is a siteops responsibility to track their users ip numbers and email addresses themselves.  It is also expected that you will host the shows following the standards for naming and md5 checking.

4.  What can I post to the mailing list?

You are allowed 1 post a week to update the list as to the contents of your FTP server.  HTML mail is not allowed on this list.  You must send the email from the same account as the one subbed to siteops.

5.  What can I not post to the mailing list?

Anything other than a site update.  Do not post more than once per week!  Posting to search for abusing IP numbers is OFF TOPIC!   Do not post to announce about an outage if your site is going to be down for less than 24 hours.  Do not post any band that does not explicitly allow taping and trading of their live concerts.  Abusers could have siteops privileges revoked, after fair warning.

6.  How do I post to the site operators mailing list?

email:   You must already be a siteop and on this list to post.   HTML mail is not allowed on this, or any other mailing list.

7. How many logins should I allow?

We strongly recommend that each user is given at least 30KBytes/s of bandwidth.  Fewer but faster logins are much better than many, very slow ones.  It is also hoped you provide a siteop/mirror login, if you will be seeding shows, or have a high speed connection.

8.  I have less bandwidth to offer, can I serve to modems?

Yes.  All that we ask is that you leave shows up for a longer duration if you expect to be serving to dial-up modems.  Please make note of this on the application.   If there seems to be enough demand for it, a modem oriented list will be created.

9.  Can I host shows by non-taper-friendly bands?

You can host whatever you want, but we only want to know about bands who allow taping/trading.  Please do not post information to the announce list about bootlegged material.   Do not jeopardize what we have going on by breaking this rule.  Abusers will be warned and removed if they continue to break this rule.   We are very serious about this!!!!

10.  Can I host mp3s?

You can host whatever you want, but please do not post any mention to MP3's to the announce list.  It is also preferred that you keep mp3 or other files in separate areas from shn files.  Why would you want mp3 if you have shn?

11.  How do I find shows to host?

Siteops will post the contents of their site to the mailing list, and will provide a special "mirror login" for you to use.

12.  What do I do when I seed a new show that is not up already?

It is recommended that you email and inform the other site operators that you have a new show that needs mirroring, and give them a special "mirror login" to your site.  Once the site operators have had a chance to mirror, then you can inform the announce list.  This is especially important for the high demand shows.

13. Should the fast etree sites get copies before the shows are announced?

YES!  Please make sure that a show you have seeded is uploaded to a fast ftp site before you announce it on the list or all hell will probably break loose. This is especially important for the high demand shows. If you are a slower siteop, on cable or xDSL, you should wait a few days for the high speed mirrors to get the shows mirrored.

14.  Anything else?

Yes, realize that becoming an siteop is a big commitment.  It is not an easy job, and is more time consuming than one might think.  The amount of email that you will be getting could surprise you.  Make sure that if you are "liberating" bandwidth, you do not over do it, and get it taken away.  Downloaders can be a demanding and picky bunch, but the emails of thanks you will get can make your week.  Make sure you have read all the info on the website, especially the how-to's.  The server team reserves the right to boot you off the list, if you are not contributing or breaking the rules (but we really hate doing it)   Finally, have fun and enjoy the music!

15.  Okay, I've read it all... how do I become an affiliated site operator?

If you're interested in joining the ranks of an etree FTP site operator, and have at least 500kbit upstream bandwidth to donate to our cause, go to and let us know a little bit about your server. If you have less than 500kbit upstream and would like to share with our community, we strongly encourage you to join the etrade mailing list! Thanks!

SiteopFAQ last updated 12/19/01

Any additions or corrections, please email

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