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The community now known as was formed during the summer of 1998 as an offshoot of two highly regarded Internet Phish communities; Sugarmegs Audio and PCP (People for a Clearer Phish).

Below are the people responsible for the day-to-day operation of | server team nav

Steve Hormell
Jeff Kempka
Dan Goodman
Pete (the other1)
Tom Anderson
...Other Helpers

steve hormell | server team

Steve Hormell is a prince among men, and is generally credited with being the spiritual guru behind Despite all this he is universally loved and now needs to write his own bio.


jeff kempka | server team

Jeff was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. He still resides in Milwaukee where he works as a Systems Administrator/Bandwidth Abuser for a small fastener distributor. Growing up, Jeff had big plans to one day be part of, but never did he think he'd be invited onto the "official" server team. He states, and I quote, "I can now die a happy man."

Jeff has been involved with the online music trading scene for several years now. He started out peforming a websearch for Grateful Dead Music and stumbled across a streaming website called SugarMegs. He started to become involved with the SugarMegs organization and got in contact with some people who introduced him to a "new" lossless compression called Shorten. In early '99 Jeff joined the discussion list. He began reading and learning about and how to work with these new losslessly compressed SHN files. In April '99 he setup his first official server to start spewing the shnzzz to all interested Dead Heads. Before the end of '99, was growing so rapidly that a team of volunteers was formed to handle the day to day administration. Jeff was invited onto this team and graciously accepted the invitation. Jeff continues to seed, serve, and help in the day to day administration of has given Jeff exposure to a wide variety of music that he'd never heard of before. Some of the bands that were exposed to Jeff via are String Cheese Incident, Leftover Salmon, Government Mule, The Disco Biscuits, Keller Williams, and The New Deal. Jeff has also built an presence for bands that others may not have heard of, most notably Umphreys McGee and The Big Wu. "If you haven't heard Umphreys or The Wu, you must listen to the NOW and replay THEM often."


dan goodman | server team

Dan (DanG in was born in Ohio, raised in Ohio, and still lives in Columbus, Ohio to this day. This means that Dan is a huge music fan, because there is nothing else to do but tip cows in this state.

Dan first started to trade music in 1997, after he decided that there had to be a better way to score tunes from a small band up in Vermont other than 14th generation crappy-ass tapes. The gift of a 2x CD-R for use in the office, and a stack of MP3's from Sugarmegs Audio started him on the road to musical salvation. Later, Dan discovered an organization called People for a Clearer Phish. It was here that Dan learned of the powers of Shorten, and the awesome quality of the music that it brought.

In late 1998, a small group of people in the PCP organization abandoned (at least mostly) the concept of mail trees and trades, and decided to give it a go over the Internet. Thus was born, and Dan was there with a tiny little server that had room for 5 shows, if they fit just right.

Fast forward to today; is the premier way to score high quality digital tunes. From it's humble beginnings, has grown to a large list of music fans from all over the world, with musical tastes that are as diverse as the people that make up

Currently, Dan has been taking care of the mailing list we all love, adding servers to the tree, and generally keeping the backbone that the etree leans on strong. Dan is also in charge of running the boxes that the etree website sits on, and still manages to run an FTP site to boot...

So who's got my fresh seeds....


pete the other1 | server team

Pete (the other1) has been involved in online music streaming and trading since the early days when RealAudio® was the happenin' thing! He happened upon the legendary SugarMegs audio site in the spring of 1997, and snagged some tasty new Phish tunes from their Europe tour, so he could hear them before summer tour USA.

Somehow or another, he got involved in helping out around Peter Hedeman's (datsit) SugarMegs, first doing some unix sysadm stuff, then redesigning the web site into the table format as it stands today. He still manages the unix end of things for the current SugarMegs.

He helped to set up the SugarMegs IRC server to enhance the discussions of encoding, listening, shows, etc etc, and fell in with the group of roughians that evolved into the etree folks.

The nickname 'other1' in fact came about to distinguish Peter Hedeman (datsit ~-<>< ) from Pete (the other1).

One summer day in 1998, as SugarMegs had grown to include downloadable MP3 files as well as streaming and downloadable RealAudio® files, Nick (Scuzzi) and Pete (the other1) and some others were shooting the bull about this new lossless audio compression scheme called "Shorten" that was out and how cool it would be to trade DAT clones over the Internet.

Nick and Pete set up a test trade, with Nick FTP-ing Pete a kind Santana SBD and Pete FTP-ing Nick a copy of Phish 8/14/93 set 2 partial (Analog AUD1 -> crappy $19.95 analog sound card -> CoolEdit NR -> SHN) which turned out sounding pretty decent considering the source. Both were blown away at the fact that this Internet trade actually worked, and how quickly they were able to pull it off on the high speed networks each were connected to. ...And online lossless audio trading as it stands today began!

Pete (the other1) runs a small but fast etree server, which is used mainly by mirrors to get shows out to lots of mirrors in a hurry, but also has some slots available to general users too. Watch the announce mailing list for more information. Pete also maintains this website's links section.

His favorite music in the world is '73-'74 Grateful Dead, and '90-'93 Phish, though has opened his eyes (and ears!) to many other great bands, and other great years from GD and Phish.


tom anderson | server team

Tom originally got into the Grateful Dead by buying official cds. After buying about 30 of them, they were all stolen when his car was burglarized. Knowing that bootlegs existed for GD shows, he started looking for them on the net, eventually finding sugarmegs, however, he knew there were dats out there of the mp3's on sugarmegs. After searching on the web for a couple weeks, he finally found the sugarmegs irc channel where a kind soul game him a login to download Lemonwheel day 2 from an ftp site. Six days later, after spending 4 or 5 days downloading lemonwheel, Tom got ADSL and joined the mailing list as soon as he heard about it.

Fast-forward 10 months. Tom burns a show he already owned a second time (yes, the same show burned three times) and decides his system of tracking the shows he owns isn't working. Not wanting to purchase tapetracker, Tom begins writing a php application under Linux to keep track of his shows. In November of 1999 functionality is added to make multi-user. Around January Tom gets an domain for his creation and is born. In July, the SHN's in circ are moved from static html pages hosted by Diana Hamiton to dynamic pages integrated into db.etree. This causes the number of shn in circ tracked artists to go from around 5 to, at the time of this writing, 75.

In addition to Tom's work on db.etree, he developed as well as many other tools to help Tom lives in Salt Lake City and hasn't seen enough Phish shows.


other helpers | server team

Many, many others have helped us out along the way and we will try to make note of all these fabulous people in this space.

First, the entire community owes a debt of gratitude to all FTP Site Operators helping to spread the music far and wide. Without's Siteops and the FTP servers they run, there is simply no!

  • Greg and Diana Hamilton for creating the "SHN Info Database," as well as providing a consistent source of proper perspective and encouragement.
  • Caleb Epstein for help with all things Linux, Perl, PHP, and FAQ
  • Mike Wren for his help with etree 1998-2001
  • Mike LoJacono for his help with etree server admin and all things UNIX. 2000-2002
  • Eric Gold for all his help with behind-the-scenes admin work
  • Leigh Orf for help with the FAQ's
  • Allan Chen for help with the DAT > CD FAQ
  • Austin Leach for help with all things FAQ
  • Wayne Stielau for the fantastic programming of ShnAmp and SHN v3
  • Jason Jordan for the kick-ass coding of Shorten for Unix, XMMS!

  • Doug Hornig for the stellar coding of Shorten for MacOS!

  • ...and special thanks to Rich Nagel for doing nothing

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