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ShnAmpTM is a real-time Shorten playback plugin for WinAmp versions 2, 3 and 5 created by Wayne Stielau for the community. ShnAmp supports the SHN v3 standard, and can take full advantage of seeking Shorten!

Update 9/23/2002: We're happy to introduce the initial public release of ShnAmp 3, the Shorten plugin for WinAmp3. If you experience any quirks, please report them using the link at the bottom ofthe page so we can fix them. The download link is below.

ShnAmp is a utility to directly play Shorten files. It does not convert Shorten (.shn) files to WAV files!!! Please use mkwACT or The command line version of Shorten for converting .shn to .wav . | ShnAmp nav

Version History
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This is the official distribution site for ShnAmp2 (the Shorten plugin for WinAmp2 and WinAmp 5) and ShnAmp3 (the Shorten plugin for WinAmp3)

For WinAmp 2 and 5!   ShnAmp 2.04 (DLL only) - 48 KB     Released 12/16/2006    
1 Downloads since 10/22/2007

  • Latest version of the ShnAmp DLL for Winamp. Unzip this into your Winamp plugin directory. No installer, sorry!
  • Supersedes version 2.02 (see below).
   ShnAmp v2.02 - 146 KB     Released 3/4/2002    
44190 Downloads since 3/4/2002

  • Fixed multiple longstanding playlist issues including incorrect time in playlist and playing tracks repeatedly or in incorrect sequence.
  • Fixed problems with external seek files
  • Fixed problem with trailing backslash missing from seek table directory name
  • Fixed incorrect internal sizing of external seek tables

For WinAmp3 ONLY!   ShnAmp v3.0.0 - 73 KB     Released 9/23/2002    
2544 Downloads since 9/23/2002

  • Initial public release of ShnAmp for WinAmp3
  • Full uninstall utility, should you decide SHN isn't for you
  • Optionally cleans up WinAmp3's shameless promotion of a certain large ISP | shnamp version history

v2.0 9/29/00:

  • Supports Shorten v3 Standard (seeking Shorten)
  • Vastly improved auto-installer
  • Added Gapless Output Plugin
  • Can associate .shn files with WinAmp at the time of installation
  • Improved ShnAmp Skin
v1.3.1ß 7/25/00:
  • Fixed assorted playlist time display bugs. (Thanks Michael Yui)
v1.3ß 7/1/00:
  • Fixed comparability problems with DudSoft Gapless Output Plugin. This involved almost a complete rewrite of the decoder thread and should be a generally more robust implementation
  • The error messages are now normally suppressed. They can be enabled on the configuration dialog
  • The file info dialog has been enhanced to display the current I/O rates
v1.2ß 6/23/00:
  • Fixed problem with output bypassing equalizer
v1.1ß 6/21/00:
  • Fixed multithreading issues with getfileinfo callback (crashes when adding files with one currently playing)
  • Added File info dialog to playlist context menu
v1.0ß 6/19/00:
  • Initial Public Release | ShnAmp credits

Without the fantastic programming of Wayne Stielau, ShnAmp would not be possible. Also, a big thanks to Chris Vinci and Caleb Epstein for troubleshooting the ShnAmp installer, and Jeremy Clark for the Shorten Icon. Project coordination and graphics by Mike Wren. | ShnAmp bug reporting

Before you submit a bug report, please make sure you have done the following:

  • Have you installed the most recent version of ShnAmp?
  • Have you removed all extra output and visualization plugins?
  • If the above suggestions did not solve your problem, please send email to the developers. Thanks!

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