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ShnAmpTM is a real-time Shorten playback plugin for WinAmp versions 2, 3 and 5 created by Wayne Stielau for the community. ShnAmp supports the SHN v3 standard, and can take full advantage of seeking Shorten!

Update 9/23/2002: We're happy to introduce the initial public release of ShnAmp 3, the Shorten plugin for WinAmp3. If you experience any quirks, please report them using the link at the bottom ofthe page so we can fix them. The download link is below.

ShnAmp is a utility to directly play Shorten files. It does not convert Shorten (.shn) files to WAV files!!! Please use mkwACT or The command line version of Shorten for converting .shn to .wav . | ShnAmp nav

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This is the official distribution site for ShnAmp2 (the Shorten plugin for WinAmp2 and WinAmp 5) and ShnAmp3 (the Shorten plugin for WinAmp3)

For WinAmp 2 and 5!   ShnAmp 2.04 (DLL only) - 48 KB     Released 12/16/2006