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Current, 7/19/00+: The MMW, Grateful Dead and Phish tracking lists have moved to a database format, thanks to the generosity of Tom Anderson, creator of  The Taper's Database trading site. The data there is now noticeably more recent than this site. (For the most timely updates, please subscribe to

These Big Yellow pages are therefore a "ghost" site. They will not disappear anytime soon, but will remain for reference purposes.

This is an informal personal list, growing out of our making note of some of the losslessly compressed live music we've seen passing through various etree ftp sites, web sites, Usenet groups and announced on digital music mailing lists. This information-only site (no music) does not tell you where to get specific .shns (try here for potential traders), but only acknowledges that they have been in circulation, now or in the past. The list is by no means complete, and it would be difficult to make it so, with so many shows coming down the pipe. In fact, this might be like tracking ephemera: for many, .shns are simply single-use tools to be deleted after extracting the .wavs, or hosting them for a while. Thus, the .shns listed below have been out there, but may not still be out there. The music CDRs made from them are probably still around, of course.

The bands tracked by us Hamiltons on this site are the following: Grateful Dead, Medeski, Martin & Wood, and Phish. Info files various shows listed here are linked to the highlighted dates, and .md5s for the discs are linked in a separate column. To use the md5 checksums at this site, make sure to save the files with extension .md5, not .txt (from a PC, try right-clicking the link and use "save link as", instead of left-clicking the link to view the file). We don't track all of the many bands that have been etreed or .shned- it's just too big a job- though we'd be happy to add a link to a circulation list you're keeping (if you don't start one for your own favorite band, who will?). We do not have all the shows listed here. Please do not ask us for them.

If you have source info or reports of flaws- or perfection- on the .shns listed a this site, please feel free to send them along. We simply collate info that others have provided.

Other tracking lists (as of 7/28/00, this list may be out of date- try here):

Other resources are now listed here.

Acknowledgements:  Thanks to all who have helped, and to everyone who has made this fine music available in the first place! For every line of every table, probably at least 2-3 people deserve a hearty handshake; there are simply too many to acknowledge separately here. Special thanks go to David Finney, Hersch Gelman, Andy Gustin, David Hollister, Eric McRoberts, Ben Mohr, Chad Plemons and Pete Rocco for their superior ears and informative reports. Extra special thanks to Steve Hormell, who has graciously provided the space to host these web pages and all their little files!

Again, we do not have all the shows listed here. Please do not ask us for them. We do archive to disc the .shns we acquire, and may provide them to tree administrators and ftp siteops as time permits; visit our CDR list. Enjoy! Diana and Greg Hamilton

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